[USB Manufacturer] Snoko reports The Means of refunding
[USB Manufacturer] Snoko Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd reports   On July 18th, the China Consumers Association issued a speech on “The failure of Vantage users to retreat the full amount”: “I hope that Vatti fulfills its promise and does a good job of refunding. Integrity is the perfect footnote for marketing.”

Previously, Vatti released "The French team won the championship, Vatti will refund the full payment" statement, but many consumers reflected: online refund "real money" into "consumer card"; physical store consumption also need to provide relevant agreements that have not been heard before. According to consumer feedback, Some payment can not be refunded,when buying a small ticket without signing an agreement. And this clause is already the overlord clause. You should know that if there is no follow-up service and integrity support, the peak of the heat generated by the marketing may also be slumpped immediately.

18 years of professional experience has finally built Snoko into China’s leading manufacturer of USB Disk.The USB Disk produced by Snoko can be customized according to the different needs of customers. At Snoko, customers can find a variety of styles of USB Disk, and can purchase the appropriate shell according to individual requirements. 

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