[USB Flash Drive Manufacturer] Snoko Reports Phone Number Tatto

Tattoos are usually meaningful pieces of body art, but in some cases, they can even help someone find their way home.

On July 25, traffic police discovered a teenage boy walking dangerously close to the G15 expressway in Wenzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province. It's understood that this 17-year-old boy is mentally disabled. Therefore, when the officer asked to contact his family, the boy had no response and also had trouble speaking clearly. However, he was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and on his forearm, the officer found a tattooed cellphone number and suspected that the phone number might be a contact number for the boy's family-his hunch was correct.
Half an hour, the boy's mother arrived at the scene and informed police that her son had gone missing several times in the past. Two years ago, she decided to get her phone number tattooed on his forearm, hoping that if he did run away again, people would see the number and contact her.

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