[Custom-made USB] Siemems' Metal USB Disk

In cooperation with Snoko Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Siemens AG has customized a silver metal USB Disk . 

Founded in 1847, Siemens AG is a global leader in electrical and electronic engineering. Since its entry into China in 1872, Siemens has been providing comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, superior solutions and products for more than 140 years. With outstanding quality, reliable reliability and leading technical achievements, the unremitting pursuit of innovation, Siemens has established a leading position in the Chinese market. 

This key ring metal USB disk jointly produced by Snoko and Siemens is processed by advanced technology. The outer casing is made of metal, with a small and light shape and key ring design, simple but beautiful, so that the USB disk is widely loved by consumers.

After many years of hard work and precipitation, Snoko Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. have been unique in design, innovative, and strictly controlled in quality, and have maintained good cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises for a long time! Welcome to consult!

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